Bangkok Awakened by Awakening Bangkok

One reason to rejoice is although Bangkok can be too boring sometimes (especially for those who live in Bangkok!), there are more and more happenings to lessen that feeling, and one of many events this week is Awakening Bangkok, a light installation festival which features colorful works in the Charoen Krung district, one of Bangkok’s proudly-presented creative districts (well, we can call it the first one too because apparently we have only one now). Organized jointly by public and private organizations including Tourism Authority Thailand and Time Out Bangkok, Awakening Bangkok, like other photogenic events, has obviously drawn a lot of attention of teens.
I have to admit that at first I expected something like teamlab creations, so when seeing it by myself it was a bit disappointing. But it’s fun to watch the crowd anyway. I hope next year they’re gonna make it bigger and cooler. For those who are in Bangkok, it’s up until tonight only!
See the complete list here.