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Bangkok Green at Naipa Art Complex

On the other day, I just read about the evolution of museums, of how contemporary art places have to adapt to be more Instagrammable, and in Bangkok Naipa Art Complex seems to fit in this case. Intended or not, this complex has become one of the most photogenic places in the city, at least the locals think so. 
Naipa (which means ‘in the forest’) Art Complex has been around for quite some time but I just had a chance to go there several days ago (blame it on the busy editor life) and there were still people go there to take photos. To my disappointment, there’s just a little exhibition on display, but the building is worth a visit, at least for a cup of coffee and green waffles downstairs. I like the way the mirrors reflect the greenery, and i have to admit that makes modern architecture (not my style) much more enjoyable. 
Oh, and there’s a spa and a mani-pedi, too. Not your typical art complex, I know.
Location: Pra Kanong BTS Station