Bangkok's markets for plant shopping

For someone who grew up in a lush garden home, plants seem to be ingrained in my subconscious somehow. After spending most of my time in Bangkok, I have found myself adding the familiar greenery to my place. It all started from cute little pots, then spanned into something a little bigger. When my bathroom and terrace of my condo are packed, I expanded into the office and the place where is now my home. For now, plants seem to give my life a meaning. Little sprouts and blooms are really something to look forward to.

This is why plant markets are among some of my go-to places when I have time. And luckily Bangkok’s best plants markets are just literally within my reach! So where to? Here are my favorite places.

Chatuchak Plant and Flower Market

This ranks the first because it’s closest to my current home. On evert Tuesday evening to Thursday afternoon, the road in the Chatuchak or JJ market will turn into the plant and flower market with every kind of plants, from orchids, palms, cactus, succulents, foliage plants, bougainvillea, fern, monstera, sansevieria and all the cool houseplants. They also have a big tree section as well. I like to go there on Tuesday night (around 8 p.m.) because it’s not too hot and less people. Also, the plants look more fresh because they just arrive.
Location: Chatuchak Market (BTS Mor Chit)
Opening Hours: Tuesdays night (until 10 p.m.) Wednesdays all day and Thursdays until late afternoon

Aor Tor Gor Plant Market

This one is close to the first one. It is where I like to swing by if I go to the fresh market at Aor Tor Gor. This one is quite compact and has mainly houseplants (like fiddle leaf fig, rubber tree, etc) and orchids, with a bit of foliage plants.
Location: Aor Tor Got Market (MTR Kampangpetch)
Opening Hours: Everyday, daytime.

Thewet Plant and Flower Market

This one is quite a hidden gem. Thewet Plant and Flower Market is a canal-side plant market near Thewet Pier, next to Thewet fresh market. The sellers there are the same sellers that have been there like forever, so people who go there are mostly the regulars. The plants vary, but mostly small plants, herbs, cactus and houseplants. There also has several clay pot and fertilizer shops. Another good thing is the affordable prices.
Location: Thewet Pier, close to the National Library
Opening Hours: Everyday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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