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Boarding Noah’s Ark at Na-Oh Restaurant Bangkok

A romantic dinner in a cargo plane during the Apocalypse, Na-Oh Bangkok offers a unique experience like no other.. 

Looking for a new gastronomic experience in Bangkok? If you like challenges, head to Na-Oh Bangkok, a conceptual restaurant in Changchui in the Thonburi side of Bangkok and you will get one.

The appearance of it, which is in a cargo plane, is intriguing enough. Once you are ready for boarding, the staff will lead you through the elevator and guide you to the sequence of your last supper.

Some might be able to guess that Na-Oh actually came from Noah, a biblical character. With an inspiration from Noah’s Ark, Na-Oh Bangkok offers the conceptual cuisine referring to each phrase of Noah’s journey of faith, from the hardship through abundance and, possibly, destruction, and may be recreation. We don’t know yet how it’s gonna end because right now we just reached episode 2.

After hardship, the second episode “Good Day” reflects prosperity, physically and spiritually. The good vibes in life are reinterpreted as a collection of dishes with various influences, from Japan, Thailand, and India. They use premium ingredients to echo the theme as well. For me, this is really the playground of the 19-year-old Head Chef Mo-Na Teeratada. With youth power (free from maturity, obviously), he seems to create the dishes with pure boldness. This might be what I like the most about this place, the vibes, fun, excitement and daring that are forgotten once we get older and wiser. Personally, the tastes are average, but the concept is interesting in a way. ┬áThe ambiance is very unique as well, considering the stuff animals surrounding the tables.

So my recommendation is just like I said at the beginning. If you are so obsessed with the food’s tastes, this might not be the place. But if you are in Bangkok and looking for something different, fun and exotic, this might be a good choice.
Na-Oh Bangkok opens everyday except Wednesday. For more information visit Na-Oh Bangkok.