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Colors of Jaipur

It can be said that the human race can be divided into two types of people: one type is the people who hate India, and the other type the people who keep going back to this country, and I, myself, seem to fall into the latter type. Despite the heat, chaos and all the craziness, India has been one of my favorite countries of all times. After exploring Kashmir and Delhi for the first trip many years ago, it is time for my dream destination, Rajasthan, or more specifically, Jaipur.
For India buff, Jaipur is somehow like the mecca that you have to visit, at least once in your lifetime. It is the city of maharajas, full of beautiful palaces and fortresses. It is India in all its (ancient) glory.
Although Jaipur is known as the Pink City, but if I could rename it, I would rename it as the most colorful city in the world. Forget the rule of color coordination that you knew, and embrace the colors you see here, in architecture and places, in the markets, on the people on the street. It is the place where you come and take it all in. You might end up exhausted, but you will feel happy. Happy of what you see, and happy to be there at least once in a lifetime.