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Floral Fantasy

Yesterday, I went back to one of my favourite places in Bangkok, the Museum of Floral Culture, to attend the press conference about this year’s main event. Apart from normal workshops held every month, during the week of Thailand’s Mother’s Day every year, the museum hosts a special program to celebrate the occasion. And this year the program centers around the theme of Malai.
In Thai culture, Malai, or Thai flower garlands, is a symbol of respect. Originated in India and passed down to Thailand through religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, Malai have been the offerings in religious ceremonies. In everyday life, malai are offered to the loved ones (usually the elder ones) in important occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, New Year, Thai New Year and so on. Apart from special exhibition about Malai designs (made from fresh and dry flowers and papers), the museum hosts several Malai-making workshops for those who are interested. This program runs from August 5-14, 2016 only, but there’s another exhibition inspired by Pak Klong Talad (Flower Market) as well. And if that does not interest you enough, a tip from an insider like myself: this is the perfect place for afternoon tea :D