Giant Monstera Deliciosa

Despite all the hypes, I’m not a big fan of monstera. But having Monstera plants at home for such a long time, I started to see the beauty of it and started propagating some. It turned out that this plant is quite easy to care for. Just don’t overwater it, thats all. For this plant, I separated it from the mother for many months now. It had several new defected leaves due to inadequate sunlight and too much water. So I changed the soil to be lighter and moved it around until it is happy lol This is the first new leaf that looks quite perfect.

According to my research, Thai people seem to have a gift in developing new plant varieties. Many of the popular house plants in the global market were created by Thais. We have a lot of Thai varieties in the Sansevieria family (Sansevieria Manee, Sansevieria Bantoeng, Sansevieria Siam Silver etc), Aglaonema family, and for the Monstera family we have Monstera Thai Constellation which features yellow freckles on the green leaves. It is now so pricey in Thailand as well, but I managed to get one recently. It is the most expensive plant I bought so far, but I’m happy to have it. Will show you later on.