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Dinner at GOAT Greatest of All Time Bkk

Even I have been living in Bangkok for more than half of my life, Sukhumvit is not the area of my specialty. Strangely enough, I always get lost there. May be I just need to be there more often.

One of my last trips to Ekamai was going to this new restaurant called GOAT or Greatest of All Time BKK in Ekamai Soi 10 Yak 2. I met the chef (Chef Tan) once long time ago at Changchui. He is an artist kind of chef, with his creative concepts and storytelling. So having a dinner at GOAT was like getting to know more of him as well. The story was very personal, as he portrayed his chapters in life through the food. It was experimental, fun and tasty. Of course, he focuses on using local ingredients, especially the edible flowers that were present in most dishes. The menu are seasonal, so you can just keep come back every once in a while.

The space is very intimate as well. GOAT not only comes from Greatest of All Time, but also his birth year. The close relationship with his family, his background and his preferences are reflected through the decorations. Evidently, he is quite fond of the Sino-Portuguese / Peranakan style. That is why the wall was covered in the same blue color as Penang’s Blue Mansion. Apart from the restaurant, this compound also features a boutique hotel decorated with his own antiques.

GOAT Greatest of All Time BKK presents 7-9 courses tasting menu. Reservation required. For more information visit GOAT’s facebook page.