Talking about phobias, I kinda have one phobia that seems to stick with me since childhood.

Fear of big flowers.

After googling, I don’t think we have an exact term for that. Right now we’ve got only ‘anthophobia’ which is the fear of flowers in general.

But seriously, I’m scared of big flowers. Sunflower fields are my nightmare.

So… that might be why I always opt for small flowers. Like this one, the flowers from a succulent named Huernia or เก๋งจีน in Thai, which I’ve never known she has flowers. But here it is.

Growing up in a garden home, I always love plants. And strangely thanks to this quarantine period during the COVID-19 pandemic, my little garden seems to expand. And these plants and little flowers truly bring my joy. And this led to this new ‘plant diary’ thing. At least I have something to enjoy when not (or to be more precise, cannot) traveling.

Huernia care
Light: bright indirect sunlight
Water: when the top soil is dry

Soil: potting mix with excellent drainage
Temperature: mild to dry

Origin: Africa

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