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In love with Isfahan

Obviously, Iranians seem to have a thing for ceilings. 
My theory is… God is in heaven, and to make people get closer to God, they decided to make intricate ceilings so once you get into a space, whether it’s a mosque or a palace, you end up looking towards the sky at the first second you enter. My theory originated in the city of Isfahan which seems to possess a collection of the most beautiful ceilings in the world.
Yes, it is time for my favorite city, Isfahan.
After all this time, I have learnt that the best journeys would come at least expected. Since most of the highlights in Iran are in Shiraz and were repeated endlessly everywhere, Isfahan kind of caught me off-guard. The grandeur of the Vank Cathedral, the splendid Chehel Sotun Palace, the wondrous Music Hall at Ali Qapu, the buzzing Bazaar, and the amazing Pigeon Tower. Every place whispered to me their stories without words. 
But what I love the most about Isfahan is the Naqsh e Jahan Square. A Former polo field surrounded by a palace, mosques and bazaar, this square embodies the spirit of the city. Coming at different times during the day results in different experiences, but the best time for me us during the evening when the locals come to hang out and picnic. Magic.
Another spot I love in Isfahan is the two-kilometers long bazaar surrounding the square. It is one of the oldest and the largest bazaars in the Middle East, with a beating heart. While many bazaars in the region are just the places to sell stuff, the bazaar here is like a living museum full of craftsmen at work. You will see artists, miniaturists, knifesmiths, coppersmiths and so on who seem to focus on their thing-making rather than selling anything. 
My only tips about Isfahan: don’t go to the shaking minarets lol