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Koh Munnork: An Eastern Getaway

Like everything else, my relationship with the sea changes with age.
In my younger days (not long time ago, just several years back), I didn’t mind hopping on an overnight bus for 6-10 hours before boarding on a catamaran to wake up (again) by the pristine beaches of Phangan or Koh Tao.
But when I got older and my professional life has become a bit, uh, overwhelming, I find myself heading to somewhere nearer. That may be the reason why our beach getaways this year are mostly located in the Eastern Thailand, which are like 2-3 hours away from Bangkok.
And Koh Munnork was our latest destination. After I got the hotel’s complimentary voucher for a 2-night stay, I thought it would be a great idea to have a break from my crazy city life. It was time to get full sleep in a cosy bed somewhere faraway. Just 4Bs, Bed, Beer, Book and Boo are enough.
The eco-friendly rules of Koh Munnork Private Islands by Epukurean indicated at the back of the voucher which seemed to be daunting at first (like no air-con in the morning and you cannot bring snacks or drinks from the mainland to the resort or you will be fined) turned out to be not an issue at all. I got full sleep I deserved and when it’s too hot inside, we could go out to take a nap at one of the seaside salas they have and enjoy the sea breeze and a very beautiful sea… Life couldn’t be better.