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La Dolce Vita in Capri

While taking a ferry to Capri, there’s only name that kept coming up on my mind…

Leonardo Dicaprio.

I remember that he has some Italian roots, which has turned out that he is but has nothing associated with Capri despite of his suggestive surname.

Anyway, his look is easily associated with the sense of place here as well. After landed there, I can imagine him with his signature grin lounging on a cruise, like in Tod’s ad campaign. In Capri everything looks pretty, from cute cascading buildings to cabriolet taxis and good-looking local boatmen. This place is the epitome of ‘la dolce vita’ or the Italian sweet life philosophy. No wonder why every people love it here.
Talking about Capri, the Greeks knew it all. The island was a popular holiday destination during the ancient Greek and Roman times. In present day, it is thought to be a place for luxury travel, which is not quite right in my opinion. Luxury villas exist, but there are a lot of cute little B&Bs around, especially in the far end like in Anacapri, where travellers can go by bus (recommended, great experience).
After booking just one day in advance, our family got a cheap nice stay in Casa Mediterraneo in Anacapri. My mom wanted to be there because she wanted to see the famous Blue Grotto. But since the grotto was closed during our stay, so we changed to take the chairlift to Monte Solaro instead (actually our place was just below the chairlift). The trip up was a bit frightening, but the view up there worth it all. Before heading back to Naples, we also took a boat trip around the island, which was quite impressive as well. In many spots the water was so clear, so blue, so bright… no need to visit the Blue Grotto after all…and it’s fun to watch the locals go by with their little boats, cruising in the sea, soaking up the sun. Life couldn’t be better.