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Parfait Perfect at Parden

For two years that COVID-19 has disabled us from any kind of travel. Plus, the baby came. So for me, right now, going to different areas in Bangkok is exciting and satisfying enough.

Without work, Sukhumvit is not an area that I actually go (in other words, I rarely go outside nowadays), but when we had to be there for some errands, my husband took me to this cute little place called Parden in Sukhumvit 39. His friend seems to be there quite often so we would give it a try.

Own by a Japanese, Parden is at the heart of Bangkok’s Japanese community, frequented by Japanese housewives in the afternoon (I was told that in some days you have to book the seats in advance). It’s a zakka-styled cafe, so apart from tea, coffee and the famous desserts, there are also things to shop. Most of them are the products from Thailand, from craft and design products to local fruits.

Since the cafe defines itself as a ‘fruit parlor’, we tried some tea and the Strawberry Parfait and they were great. The parfait is really refreshing, perfect for cooling down. With limited seats, we didn’t dare to sit for too long. The vibes was very calm, with a bit of Japanese chatter in the background. It actually felt like Japan.

Parden is open from Wednesdays to Fridays (11.00-17.30 h.) and on weekends (12,00-17.30 h.) last order at 17.00 h. For more information and menu visit its facebook page Parden Bangkok or website (which is in Japanese) or tel. 02-204-2205.