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Sawasdee Pad Thai : What real Pad Thai looks like

For most travelers, Sawasdee Pad Thai might be unheard-of. I’am not sure it’s there in guidebooks. The place has no TripAdvisor badge and I have never seen any foreigners there. But if you really want to taste the REAL pad thai, the pad thai for locals, this place is the place.
Sawasdee Padthai restaurant is located in the Ratchawat area, opposite to Ratchawat fresh market. Walk inside, past the open kitchen and you will find the tables hidden at the back. There are several menus available, from standard pad thai, pad thai wrapped with eggs, pad thai with prawns, and hoy thod (pan-fried mussels or oysters with eggs and bean sprouts).
From the seminar I attended yesterday (which led to a trip to this place today lol), pad thai taste is dominantly sweet, followed by sour by tamarind juice and salty. Most pad thai nowadays are way too sweet (including the ones sold in Khao San area, which Thais not consider them pad thai at all) but this one is less sweet, and less pricey too.
Location: Ratchawat
Nearby attractions: museum of floral culture, Vimanmek mansion