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Sundowners on a tall ship in Bangkok

Amid this COVID-19 chaos, I find myself lucky somehow to be stuck in Thailand. The country literally has everything. Next to my place I got a Tuscan/Provence styled cafe. And if you go by the river you can feel like you’re cruising in the ocean with Sirimahannop, a new cafe/restaurant/event venue which was just recently launched.

If you imagine that this tall ship would take you to attractive spots on the Chao Phraya river, you’re wrong. With this size, she couldn’t go anywhere but rather be decked permanently at Asiatique. Still, visitors can go up to have sunset drinks and food. It is an experience that would temporarily transfer you to somewhere else. For me, I think it is quite similar to cruising in Hong Kong, except for the fact that you are on a static ship.

This Sirimahannop ship is not old, but rather a replica of the Royal Thai Navy’s last three-masted sailing ship from the reign of King Rama V of Thailand. So you can see the maritime vibes everywhere here, from the cuisine to cocktails, all overseen by Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park. Its deck is a perfect sunset spot in Bangkok, while the inside can be a place for events and functions. And at least it makes Asiatique more interesting for Thais.