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Take a sip at Sleep Enemy Specialty Cafe

No matter how much I love sleep, I couldn’t help to drop by at Sleep Enemy, a new cafe in Ari-Pradipat neighborhood. It is actually just minutes away from our place.

At a glance, Sleep Enemy looks hipster enough with its all white dotted with red. The baristas and staff also wear all-white uniform, making the place looks a lot like a hospital ward (especially the staff have masks on). I felt intimidated at first due to a not-so-good experience at a famous hipster cafe (We got refused to enter because we were wet from the rain) but decided to give it a try. Luckily, the baristas here are quite nice and friendly.

From what I read, Sleep Enemy used to be in Samui (under a different name) before ending up here eventually. Founded by coffee lovers, the specialty cafe features a roastery, a slow bar and will host coffee workshops soon enough. Right now they are offering two coffee blends, which are The Continental and Generation. The coffee are mixed with others like chocolate and homemade caramel. We bought coffee beans back as well and it is great.

Sleep Enemy
Location: The Hub, between Aree and Saphan Kwai BTS stations (next to Aomsin bank)
Opening hours: 10.00-17.00 h daily, close on Wednesdays