teamLab Planets: in review

teamLab first time!

Honestly, at first I wasn’t so sure.
I thought it’s gonna be just another interactive exhibition with some kind of photogenic projections, but teamLab Planets has proved to be a lot beyond that.
It is where you let your inner child self loose.
Everything is photogenic, and being photogenic makes the real fun much underrated. At first you will feel uncertain and will be very careful with the water. But after a while it’s all gone. Every room looks like a maze you can’t escape, but does it really matter?

teamLab Travel tips:

– teamLab Planets is located at the Shin Toyosu monorail station (one stop from Toyosu metro station)
– advanced booking in the website is recommended at
– It can be wet and reflective. Skirts are not recommended.

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