Zero Decibel by Suntur

Entering the Zero Decibel exhibition by Suntur, a pair of earplugs was handed out to me. The concept was great enough, enough to prime my perception that from then on, all I hear was silence, even the exhibition space was actually covered by light, melancholic tones of music.
I didn’t know Suntur before. I heard someone said about him once or twice, and I’m not kinda illustration art type, but when he got this solo exhibition at Yelo House I decided to give it a go.
Suntur’s works are calm. They remind me of some kind of nostalgic serenity somewhere, and there are mixed feelings in it. Sometimes it’s happiness, sometimes it’s sadness. Sometimes it’s loneliness, sometimes it’s togetherness. His background from New York combined with his works made me think of ‘Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close’. It’s quiet, but comes with some kind of impact.