Ahh Kard D, a new secret sanctuary in Bangkok

If you saw the pervious shape of this place, you wouldn’t believe that this building could turn out so well. I saw it, because my b/f was intersted in renting it, and couldn’t believe it as well. That deserted building has turned into a very nice (and very popular!) cafe and rsstaurant called Ahh Kard D which in Thai means ‘nice weather’.

One thing I love about Bangkok is its vibrant coffee scene, so cafe hopping can be never-ending because you got new places to explore everyday. While not so many places worth repeating, this one is different. Although it’s quite crowded later on, but I can feel the attention to details that the owners have. I also love the outdoor corner where we can spend our time reading under the trees. The drinks are nice and the Thai food look nice as well. Have to come back for a try next time šŸ™‚

Just one tip, try to be there as early as possible to dodge the crowd.
More info: facebook.com/ahhkardd 



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