Well, it turned out that Jodhpur is not that blue.

After seeing the Jodhpur series by Steve McCurry and so much on other medias, I kinda expect that it would be so, so blue. But it’s not. But it’s very charming anyway.

I have to admit I like it more, compared to Jaipur. With the gigantic Mehrangarh Fort towering the city, this little city exudes a sense of grandeur, the way as it should be in the past.  Built in 15th century, the fort is well preserved and still shines. Rao Jodha would be pleased. But behind the extravaganza lies a sad, sad story. I was curious about the plates of hand prints on the walls so I googled them later. It turned out to be the remains of what’s called ‘Sati’ rituals…sad love stories exist.

As for the city itself, I recommend to walk around to get the sense of the place. Walk through the winding narrow streets is the best way to explore Jodhpur. Oh, and don’t forget to find a nice haveli (with a rooftop) to stay over. There are many nice rooftop bars overlooking the fortress, but the streets are quite confusing at night. So if you plan to go out, don’t forget the map!


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset 

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