On Van Gogh

What are your travel souvenirs?

Apart from poscards and postal stamps, I find myself buying a bracelet almost every time I travel. It’s my favorite accessory since I was young (always got caught when playing hide and seek because of its jingling sounds) until today, and most of them are keepsakes reminding me of the faraway places. For this last Europe trip, I got myself a bangle from Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.

I feel sad for Van Gogh. He was not known until he’s dead, and despite his colorful works, he had a quite miserable life. Suffering from mental illness, he painted and painted, hoping that the colors and nature could help him get better. In his final months, he painted so much that he could finish like one painting a day.

Still, I admire his courage and hope. At least, he hoped that someday he would get better, and he never gave up. Although at the end of the day the illness won him over, but for me he already won too.

“Go out and paint the stars”

– Vincent Van Gogh

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