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3 Days in Amanpuri

Recently, thanks to my work, I was lucky enough to be in Amanpuri for several days. Well, not that lucky actually, it rained during the first two days … but at least I got a chance to try it all, in different weather conditions lol.
As a lifestyle writer, I have heard so much about Aman Resorts for such a long time and this was the first time I stayed in one. And Amanpuri is quite special, because this is the one where it all started almost 30 years ago. And I have to admit that they can maintain the whole resort so well that it looks so new and polished.
In Sanskrit, Amanpuri means place of peace, and it truly is. Each villa offers complete privacy surrounded by greenery, and that was just refreshing. I can spend the whole day reading at the sala. Too bad I just discovered the beach club just minutes before I left, that corner looks so comfy as well 🙂