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Bangkok Art Biennale 2020: Escape Routes

Two years back, the first ever Bangkok Art Biennale (BAB) was one of the most-anticipated art events of 2018. It is understandable with the attendance of blockbuster artists (like Marina Abramovic!) from across the world. I still remember the press tour which took a full day to cover just half of the event.

Silently, Bangkok Art Biennale is back again this year. Despite of the works of the big names like Ai Wei Wei and Anish Kapoor, the event has unfolded discreetly. This is how COVID-19 has affected our world, but I’m still glad that the biennale has happened after all.

Bangkok Art Biennale 2020 is held with the theme of ‘Escape Routes’ which are not always paved with roses. Escaping might be flights of fancy, but many times it is a great ordeal. Many showcasing art pieces bring hash reality in the spotlight, from refugee crisis and environmental problems to Coronavirus, while some pieces encourage you to escape from the mundane and reconnect with yourself and things that really matter. A few pieces are literally beyond this world, like the works of a Thai homeless man Samer Peerachai that feature endless symbols and equations.

Until now, I had time to check out just only at BACC and part of the river route. Although there are not so many works with the wow factor like the first edition and although the works are quite scattered around the city (meaning it takes more time to check them out), it is great enough. At least it is really an escape route for us who are now stuck in this COVID-19 chaos. And it is a chance to re-explore Bangkok once again.

Bangkok Art Biennale 2020 is held between 29 October 2020 to 31 January 2021. Check out its website Bkkartbiennale.com for more information.