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Bougainvillea Hybrid

Looking through my plant photos, it seems that I tend to buy plants with orange flowers without knowing it. Right now I have an orange rose shrub and two orange bougainvillea plants at home. Funny enough, I remember this one was pink when I bought it.

When it comes to a home, I have been dreaming of a home with white walls with colorful bougainvillea canopy, just like houses in Greece and Southern Italian islands. Bouganvillea is always my favorite, thanks to its bright colorful leaves. And Bougainvillea Hybrid or เฟื่องฟ้าสาวิตรี in Thai looks even cuter with its tiny little white flowers. This one dropped all of its leaves when I moved it here, but now it has blossomed beautifully. In tropical countries like Thailand, it is one of the easiest plants to raise because it needs so little water and so much sun. So now it is a permanent resident at my sun terrace.