Cocoscape at Santiburi Samui

It's amazing how nurture has shaped you. After telling myself that I'm not a jungle type, but day after day it became more evident that I like to be surrounded by trees. The darker the shades, the better. It might be because I grew up like that. My jumanji-like garden home is filled with every … Continue reading Cocoscape at Santiburi Samui

Let’s escape to Hua Hin

Funny how life treats us. In one month, I have been to Hua Hin for 3 times. All for work, two of which were one day trips. Just for this last time that I had a chance to stay over for, like, one night. Personally, Hua Hin is not always my go-to choice. It is … Continue reading Let’s escape to Hua Hin

Finding Treasures in Solomon Islands

It’s funny that my friends like to tell me that I have a weird taste in travel, and my boyfriend calls me an ‘orientalist’, which I’m not quite sure what that means. what I know is that I like to go to the lesser-known, the covered parts of this world, seeing new things, having new … Continue reading Finding Treasures in Solomon Islands

La Dolce Vita in Capri

While taking a ferry to Capri, there's only name that kept coming up on my mind... Leonardo Dicaprio. I remember that he has some Italian roots, which has turned out that he is but has nothing associated with Capri despite of his suggestive surname. Anyway, his look is easily associated with the sense of place … Continue reading La Dolce Vita in Capri

Meet my Andaman Dream at Cape Kudu

One thing I love about the Andaman is at the first glance in the distance, everything seems to be in every shade of blue.    But when you get closer to any islands, their real colors start to reveal, and just a blink away, things become crystal clear. It is where you will see the … Continue reading Meet my Andaman Dream at Cape Kudu

3 Days in Amanpuri

Recently, thanks to my work, I was lucky enough to be in Amanpuri for several days. Well, not that lucky actually, it rained during the first two days ... but at least I got a chance to try it all, in different weather conditions lol. As a lifestyle writer, I have heard so much about … Continue reading 3 Days in Amanpuri