Amphawa Hideaway at the Buffalo Amphawa

Research shows that being near water has some kind of magic to calm you down, but that is not the case for Amphawa. Known for the city of floating markets, the Amphawa river can be called one of the busiest rivers on earth. I went there just ten 10 minutes and I can feel like … Continue reading Amphawa Hideaway at the Buffalo Amphawa

An afternoon at Little Tree

For nature lovers, it's hard not to fall in love with this Little Tree Cafe & Restaurant, a garden-styled cafe tucked between orchid plantations in Nakhon Pathom, around an hour away from Bangkok. We went here 2 times for coffee and home-made cakes, but the food seems to be good as well.               … Continue reading An afternoon at Little Tree

Excursion from Bangkok

Just a train ride away from Bangkok and you'll arrive at a town called Nakhon Pathom, where the gigantic golden pagoda is located. Not far from the pagoda, you will find a old house turned into a cafe-book shop called "Kumnumm", which means preface. Most of the books are in Thai, but the place is … Continue reading Excursion from Bangkok