Flowers in Honiara

Just a rustic 200-meters long flower lane and It could make me tremble with excitement. The flower corner at Honiara's central market was pure joy. Just walk past the busy fresh market and then you will find it hidden in a corner. I don't know where these tropical flowers come from. People there don't plant … Continue reading Flowers in Honiara

Colors of Narathiwat

I can claim that this series of photos are the most colorful images of Narathiwat you have ever seen. Try google Narathiwat and you will know. In Thailand, the Deep South has been considered the gloomiest and the most dangerous place because of the ongoing 'insurgencies' for decades. But strangely enough, it was in this … Continue reading Colors of Narathiwat

Amphawa Hideaway at the Buffalo Amphawa

Research shows that being near water has some kind of magic to calm you down, but that is not the case for Amphawa. Known for the city of floating markets, the Amphawa river can be called one of the busiest rivers on earth. I went there just ten 10 minutes and I can feel like … Continue reading Amphawa Hideaway at the Buffalo Amphawa

Zero Decibel by Suntur

Entering the Zero Decibel exhibition by Suntur, a pair of earplugs was handed out to me. The concept was great enough, enough to prime my perception that from then on, all I hear was silence, even the exhibition space was actually covered by light, melancholic tones of music. I didn't know Suntur before. I heard … Continue reading Zero Decibel by Suntur

Destination Doha

It can be said that 2017 was the "Doha" year for me. Thanks to my job, I was lucky enough to join two trips with Qatar Airways, and both trips we had a stopover in Doha, the Qatari capital, and I was so amazed by how they did it. In the middle of nowhere in … Continue reading Destination Doha

Par Avion: The Air-Mail art exhibition

I can say that this is one of my most favorite exhibitions of the year, and most long-awaited one. Thanks to my job, I have known some members of this art collective quite some time. Some parts of the works were shown before in Switzerland, but at the end of the day it's good to … Continue reading Par Avion: The Air-Mail art exhibition