Erb Spa, a sanctuary on Charoen Krung

I didn't know when it started, but for many years I have turned into a dedicated spa person. Blame it on the the millennial stereotype (experience-oriented) and office syndrome and aromatic buff, spas are my go-to places when I need to unwind, and I'm so blessed to live in Thailand where spas can be found … Continue reading Erb Spa, a sanctuary on Charoen Krung

On Van Gogh

What are your travel souvenirs? Apart from poscards and postal stamps, I find myself buying a bracelet almost every time I travel. It's my favorite accessory since I was young (always got caught when playing hide and seek because of its jingling sounds) until today, and most of them are keepsakes reminding me of the … Continue reading On Van Gogh

Cocoscape at Santiburi Samui

It's amazing how nurture has shaped you. After telling myself that I'm not a jungle type, but day after day it became more evident that I like to be surrounded by trees. The darker the shades, the better. It might be because I grew up like that. My jumanji-like garden home is filled with every … Continue reading Cocoscape at Santiburi Samui

Nanjing Tulou, Fujian Province

I have to admit. Although I really want to go to see the terracotta soldiers at Xi'An so bad,   China is not my obvious choice when it comes to traveling. Its true that I like ancient civilizations, but due to some reasons (esp. the language barriers),  I never think of going there by myself. … Continue reading Nanjing Tulou, Fujian Province