Floral Fantasy

   Yesterday, I went back to one of my favourite places in Bangkok, the Museum of Floral Culture, to attend the press conference about this year’s main event. Apart from normal workshops held every month, during the week of Thailand’s Mother’s Day every year, the museum hosts a special program to celebrate the occasion. And this …

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Let's MEAT

Although many Thais don’t eat meat, but Bangkok is blessed with many steak houses. And the latest, and the most popular one so far is Meatlicious located in Ekamai Soi 6. Meatlicious is known as another restaurant of famous chef Gaggan Anand, but if you know Gaggan, you will find that its not that Gaggan …

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The lost moments

Just browsing through folders in my old hard disk and found this photo hidden somewhere between hundred photos of Macau. I couldn’t remember I had a favorite shot in that trip. Things went so fast…and a couple of years later I happen to find one. Too bad some moments are lost, tucked away somewhere, but …

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Pahurat calling

When I have some free time, I like to go to Pahurat, with no exact reasons in mind. There are no hip cafes to lounge around, no special activity. Just walking around is enough. Dubbed Bangkok’s Little India, Pahurat is actually a sanctuary of Indians, Chinese, Burmese, and many more. People’s faces here look unidentifiable. …

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Humans of Angkor

At Angkor Wat, most people would prefer dodging the crowd. But for me, the bygone place would be far beyond lifeless without these people. And I have to admit its more fun watching people