Cocoscape at Santiburi Samui

It’s amazing how nurture has shaped you. After telling myself that I’m not a jungle type, but day after day it became more evident that I like to be surrounded by trees. The darker the shades, the better. It might be because I grew up like that. My jumanji-like garden home is filled with every tree you can imagine (planted by my dad and grandma) and my bedroom is always under the shade of a giant santol tree.
That might be why I ended up at a traditional bungalow at Santiburi instead of being in a new posh grand suite (which I was supposed to stay for a review…which is good too…modern but just not my style), I was in my happiest state of being. It is old enough, but it was still very nice and comfy under the shades of coconut trees and was so close to the beach.
In a nutshell, Santiburi is a serene place to be. It’s a more quiet version of Samui, where you can sit by the private beach uninterrupted, watching things go by. Simplicity at its best. This is my favorite part of Samui.