Colors of Narathiwat

I can claim that this series of photos are the most colorful images of Narathiwat you have ever seen. Try google Narathiwat and you will know.
In Thailand, the Deep South has been considered the gloomiest and the most dangerous place because of the ongoing ‘insurgencies’ for decades. But strangely enough, it was in this gloomiest place that I witnessed the most vibrant festival called the Toh Moh Shrine festival in Sungai Kolok, Narathiwat.
While the Deep South is the mixture between Thai, Chinese and Malay people, the Sungai Kolok town has been dominated by the Chinese, and Toh Moh shrine is the center of their faith. Every year, the annual festival is held, with the devotees parading on the streets with their firecrackers. Of course, it’s a bit strange for me to see soldiers patrolling everywhere, but it seemed that life, here, goes on.