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Ending Year 2019 at Koh Tao

One night over dinner at Koh Tao, we talked about memory. He mentioned the famous Koh Tao murders, that too bad some people are so afraid so they wouldn’t have a chance to see how beautiful it is. I said I totally forgot about that. For me Koh Tao is always about beautiful beaches and sunsets. It’s one thing about Thailand that I really love. And this time it is still be. As heavenly as before, as always. 

I somehow consider myself lucky that I forget so easily. Many times things turn bad and life isn’t as planned and I could get really, really mad, but through time the feelings seem to fade away. I still remember a bit, but those just don’t matter to me anymore. 

This year went pretty fast, with more work and less travel. I lost two friends who I really respect. They will be remembered.

Koh Tao travel tips:
1. This time we stayed at the newly-opened Ecotao Lodge, the first eco resort in Southern Thailand (as the owner told us). It is located at the top of Ao Leuk. Clean rooms, average breakfast and drinks. Great view and privacy.
2. For food, ironically it’s hard to find real Thai food here, but we did try many international food. So this trip we visited several restaurants, mostly at Sairee because we just like it there:
– Cantina de Koh Tao at Sairee – great Mexican and ribs
– Shalimar at Sairee – Indian food, which is good of you need to spice up your dinner
– Le Pizzeria at Sairee – a secret Italian restaurant with great Italian food (pastas, pizzas, salads)
– Krua Baan Song at Mae Had – authentic Southern Thai food, which is more authentic than Pranee’s Kitchen
– Whitening at Sairee – great for afternoon or sunset drinks
– Big Tree Cafe near Mae Had – a little cafe and hostel run by a Thai family. Great coffee and ambiance. They have bakery too.
3. For traveling, we really had a bad experience with Seatran Discovery (and it’s the first time we travelled with them). So disorganized. Next time back to Lomprayah!