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Euphorbia Hedyotoides

In an introvert’s garden, introvert plants bloom. Out of neglect and a little attention, this little Euphorbia Hedyotoides of mine decided to blossom… what a plant!

I’m a big fan of the Euphorbia family. Like Sansevieria, they are so beautiful and diverse. So it is quite fun to keep collecting one by one. Right now I have a couple of Euphorbia Francoisii, one Euphorbia Turealensis, one Euphorbia Cylindrifolia (the first one I got) and one of this cute Hedyotoides native to Madagascar. As varied as they are, they need different kinds of moisture levels and environments, but most of them prefer well-drained soil, less water (they are caudex plants) and not much fertilizers. Above all, they are very easy plants.