Finding Treasures in Solomon Islands

It’s funny that my friends like to tell me that I have a weird taste in travel, and my boyfriend calls me an ‘orientalist’, which I’m not quite sure what that means. what I know is that I like to go to the lesser-known, the covered parts of this world, seeing new things, having new experiences. It doesn’t have to be places of grandeur with lots of blockbuster attractions. It can be in the middle of nowhere. So at the end of last year, we decided to go to the Solomon Islands, where my boyfriend’s sister lives.
After imagined and expected that this place will be full of traditional ethnic people, I found out that it doesn’t work that way, and lucky so! Back in the past, people here practiced cannibalism and headhunting. But according to the locals they still wear their traditional costumes in some special occasions.
From my point of view, there’s no better description of the country than the ‘melting pot’. Discovered and named by the Spanish, the islands were ruled by the British, and now China and Taiwan are big investors here, while the Aussie acts as a peacemaker. There are lots of U.S. and Japanese sites during the WWII, and I had a chance to try a Chinese-Malay meal here. The locals look like the Africans (but they are actually Melanesians) but love to chew betel nuts. Very confusing indeed.
But above all, this is a very charming and peaceful country. Is might be a bit chaotic because in Honiara you have only one main road and lots and lots of cars, but try taking a trip out to the islands and you will find the most beautiful beaches and islands in the world which are still untouched and unspoiled. With the Wifi from the ADSL modem (which can connect like one user at a time), this is really a place to disconnect.