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Going green in Prachinburi

Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai… Thailand has a lot of familiar names, but Prachinburi? I guess many people might have never heard about this name before.
That is because it’s not a major tourist city. For the world, and even for Thais, Prachinburi is just a lazy little town next to Khao Yai.

The river view at Ruenpae Restaurant

But those who are a bit known about Thai history might know that Prachinburi was part of an ancient empire due to many historical sites found in the area. The town became famous thanks to Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr, a noble under the reign of King Rama V who turned this town into the center of herbs. This remains true until now, as the town brands itself as the center of alternative medicine. There was a famous herb doctor who claimed to cure cancer (but he somehow disappeared) and there is a famous herb-based restaurant in town as well. And the best part, Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital has a building reserved for traditional massage!

a herbal dish at Banlaoreung Restaurant

After going there too often since it’s my boyfriend’s hometown, I find this little town quite charming. It’s calm and quiet with endless greenery and slow-life vibes, something really hard to find in big cities. When was the last time you were woke up by the sounds of a morning prayer?

Prachinburi travel tips
Getting there: Prachinburi is around two hours away by car from Bangkok. You can take a train as well but it will be super slow.
1. Banlaoreung Muang Samunprai – a famous herb-based restaurant located next to the city pillar, where you can find many vegetarian dishes. (They also have meat menu but not in great variety)
2. Ruenpae Restaurant – a riverside restaurant that serves tasty Thai food with great ambiance (quite cheap river prawns, compared to Ayutthaya)