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Chill with plants at Laliart

The Ari (or Aree) neighborhood of Bangkok is famous for great eateries and cafes, and I’m blessed that I have a chance to live here for many years. There are always new things (especially food) to try and there are such many good places around, and one that has become our favorite lately is Laliart Coffee, a nice cafe hidden in Ari Samphan 10.

We have known Laliart for many years since it was in a different location. This little cafe is known for great coffee and vibes. After it moved to the current location, COVID happened, so it took us a while to be there again. But obviously the new place looks wider with ample space (taking over one house, actually) featuring the outdoor seating zone, the cafe zone, a little garden, a shop and a little bake lab. Their cakes are delicious, especially the lemon cake that makes us keep going back like almost every week.

Another thing I love here is that they also sell plants under the name of Lilabo. In the cafe, there are some plants that you can shop and take home. They definitely have an eye on choosing attractive (and popular) plants to sell here and I ended up buying one during my last visit and she is still growing strong at home. So, if you are looking for nice and healthy plants, this might be the place. Their shop is interesting too, with the mixture of garden equipment, fertilizers and souvenirs from Ari and Thai creatives.

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In short, if you love coffee, cakes, plant and great vibes, you will love it here. Another good thing is it is not far from Chatuchak (JJ market, but no, you cannot walk here), so it is great as a place to rest a bit.

Laliart Coffee
Address: 18 , Ari Samphan 10 , Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai Bangkok, Thailand 10400
Tel: 094 691 2666
Website: facebook.com/laliartcoffee
Opening Hours: Daily, 10.00-17.00 h.