Let's escape to Hua Hin

Funny how life treats us. In one month, I have been to Hua Hin for 3 times. All for work, two of which were one day trips. Just for this last time that I had a chance to stay over for, like, one night.
Personally, Hua Hin is not always my go-to choice. It is just too close to Bangkok and the beaches are not kinda my type (I prefer the beaches in the South) so it is good to be back once in a while.
When I told my friend that I was going to stay at Escape Hua Hin. He said to me that the place is so simple that I shouldn’t expect too much. But when I was there eventually, that ‘not too much’ was just too perfect.
Like the name suggests, Escape Hua Hin by Sansiri is truly a sanctuary in the expanding tourist beach town. It was so surprising that the place can remain calm and cool while facing a big shopping mall like Blueport. At far end next to it by the sea is Baan Kaimook, Sansiri’s first property.
Apart from standard comfy rooms with lovely balconies, what I love the most here is the color play that makes the place an ideal place to escape to. To add more fun, the hotel also does collaborations with artists, and yeah it’s really fun.
After two days in Hua Hin, I can say that the town is definitely on the rise. There’s now a ferry between here and Pattaya and I heard that they’re doing acnew bypass from Bangkok too. So I guess next time here would not be the same…but lets see 🙂