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Meet my Andaman Dream at Cape Kudu

One thing I love about the Andaman is at the first glance in the distance, everything seems to be in every shade of blue.
But when you get closer to any islands, their real colors start to reveal, and just a blink away, things become crystal clear. It is where you will see the most green water under the bright sky…the scenery that will make you forget all the heat and the sunburns. The Andaman sea is the place where you never get tired of, and has too much to offer, yet so underrated.
For this time, work led me to another corner of the vast Andaman sea, in an island called ‘Yao Noi’. The luxury of this island lies in the serenity rarely found in bigger islands nearby, and this luxury, together with the location which is just half an hour from Phuket by speedboat, leads to the settlements of luxurious resorts. After the famous Six Senses, the new Cape Kudu hotel is the latest upscale resort landed on this little island, and all I can say is they did a really great job here. I really like the design and interiors (dominantly white, blue and brown) and they really pay attention to the details. A perfect hideaway, it is.
About the activities, I heard that there are many to see on the island, from coconut plantation to local batik workshop. Too bad I went there only one night (you know, work trip) so I didn’t get a chance to see any of that. The only activity we did was a boat trip to Hong Island in Krabi which can be seen from the hotel. For me, this Phang Nga Bay area is quite confusing, like the Bermuda triangle of Thailand. Phang Nga is the name of a province, but it is also where three provinces meet. But it’s fun enough. On the boat it’s hard to tell whether you are in Krabi or Phang Nga or even Phuket. We had a great time guessing.