Nanjing Tulou, Fujian Province

I have to admit. Although I really want to go to see the terracotta soldiers at Xi’An so bad,   China is not my obvious choice when it comes to traveling. Its true that I like ancient civilizations, but due to some reasons (esp. the language barriers),  I never think of going there by myself.

However, thanks to my work, I had a chance to go there quite often for the past two years. And it’s not Beijing or Shanghai, but somewhere more hidden. And the last trip was Xiamen then Nanjing (not to be confused. I think they have two twons called Nanjing in China), where the famous Hakka houses (tulou) are located. Pure architectural marvels, the Hakka Houses in Nanjing and Fujian province are listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage. Of course, it is a bit hard to get there but I can tell you that it’s worth seeing it by yourself at least once in a lifetime. Built as the residences and fortresses, the Hakka houses are made of natural materials like earth, wood and bamboo.

In the Fujian province which is on the southeastern part of China, Nanjing is where you can find a large number of the Hakka houses in various shapes, with tours available for tourists. So you can choose either a half-day, full-day or two days tour with provided transportation. My advice is don’t forget to drop by at Yunshuiyao, a charming little village for some tea at sunset. Totally worth it!