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Organika Spa Bliss

I have to admit. As a spa lover, I’m very lucky to be a Thai. In Thailand, we take spa and massage very seriously (as you might know the famous Wat Pho massage) and right now there are more and more local spa brands coming up.
Not long ago, I have a chance to try out a spa treatment at Organika House, which is owned by a star Sririta Jensen. After getting to know many Thai spa brands, this one is quite unique with its ultra-feminine positioning. The product packages are super-luxe, and the House is actually much hyped on Instagram with its all-white color (with a little bit of green). Their spa is really good too.  What I love the most is their massage candle. So relaxing, so good (I love Kisses of Jasmine), perfect as a souvenir. Although it’s a bit pricey compared to other brands, but the design and quality are totally worth it.