Dine in Bangkok’s midtown forest at Wanghinghoi

Admittedly, I went to Wanghinghoi with doubts in mind. I heard that the concept was to bring the forest into the city with 'real fireflies' in a restaurant, plus an art space! At first it seems to have a little too much of everything in once place, but it turned out just fine. You may … Continue reading Dine in Bangkok’s midtown forest at Wanghinghoi

Chiang Mai Summer at Rarinjinda

When it comes to summer, Chiang Mai is not the first choice for most Thais. Located in a basin, the city can be pretty toasted diring summer time. But from my last trip, I realized it wasn't so bad after all. You just have to know the right place to be. This trip, we stayed … Continue reading Chiang Mai Summer at Rarinjinda

Organika Spa Bliss

I have to admit. As a spa lover, I'm very lucky to be a Thai. In Thailand, we take spa and massage very seriously (as you might know the famous Wat Pho massage) and right now there are more and more local spa brands coming up. Not long ago, I have a chance to try … Continue reading Organika Spa Bliss

Missoni x Rachel Hayes

As a color aficionado like me, I always love Missoni. And my personal encounter with the brand was actually at Milan three years ago when I visited their showroon during the Salone del Mobile period. The boutique was turned into a space for colorful installations. It's like a universe of prints, patterns and colors in … Continue reading Missoni x Rachel Hayes

Flowers in Honiara

Just a rustic 200-meters long flower lane and It could make me tremble with excitement. The flower corner at Honiara's central market was pure joy. Just walk past the busy fresh market and then you will find it hidden in a corner. I don't know where these tropical flowers come from. People there don't plant … Continue reading Flowers in Honiara

Colors of Narathiwat

I can claim that this series of photos are the most colorful images of Narathiwat you have ever seen. Try google Narathiwat and you will know. In Thailand, the Deep South has been considered the gloomiest and the most dangerous place because of the ongoing 'insurgencies' for decades. But strangely enough, it was in this … Continue reading Colors of Narathiwat