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A Visit at Pluto Houseplant Bangkok

It is a shame that after my friend opened Pluto Houseplant Studio for half a year, I just had a chance to be there recently. Blame it on COVID that makes travelling across Bangkok seems to be too far. So I was in Sathorn for work, I told my friend that I would drop by (like two hours before), and he needed to travel from his home to welcome my surprise visit.

My friend Kim opened this little plant shop with his friend on the attic of an Isaan eatery TamTam Pattaya Sathorn branch, which he is also a partner. Kim likes plants, so when he found out that the attic was empty and unused, he put the vacant space into good use. So now it is filled with plants, planters, books and a fortune teller corner.

They name the shop Pluto, because they would like to focus on the Pothos family (which is Plu in Thai, and To means to grow) because they look lovely and very easy to care for. With a bit of styling, they can fit in any corner of your home. There are also other plants available and all of them focus on the same concept: easy, beautiful, and can be raised indoor (with some light, of course).

The place is open by appointment only, because the owners want to take care of every visitor to ensure that you got it right on how to care for plants. And they are fluent in English, don’t worry. I think this place is great for people who just start plant parenting because at least you got some guidelines and someone to talk to. Fashion stylists love it here too because most plants are already styled to look nice.

If you are interested in visiting, you can make an appointment at their facebook page พลูโต Houseplant Studio.

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