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A comfy stay at the luxury Rosewood Phuket Resort Thailand

There was a time that I travelled for work to Phuket too often. Looking back, there are still so many stories left untold and Rosewood Phuket was one of those.

I was lucky enough to visit Rosewood Phuket shortly after its opening. I went there to talk to the wellness guru at the resort’s wellness retreat Asaya. I remember our session took around two hours and I felt lighter than ever. Back then, I was a heady, sleep-deprived magazine journalists with many grudges, pain and stress. Although I studied psychology, I had to admit that talking to a person who listened to you intently without judgements really helped.

Rosewood Phuket is the first Rosewood hotels/resorts in Thailand. With the concept of luxury holistic retreat, its highlights Asaya as the main feature of the resort, with in-house therapists and wellness specialists available for consultations and treatment sessions. Asaya focuses on the holistic approach to wellness, which means that they don’t go to the extremes.

About the stay, although the villas were not beachfront, but they offered utmost privacy and comfort that meet expectations. The bed was comfy and food was delicious, especially Thai food at Takhai restaurant. The Tri Trang beach was secluded and peaceful enough. What I love the most? The place is so, so green with trees! And I really love the interplay between the wooden brown, while and green colors.

Rosewood Phuket
Address: 88/28, 88/30-30 Muen-Ngern Road, Patong, Kathu, Phuket, 83150, Thailand
Tel: 076-356-888