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Sansevieria Cleopatra

Many plants can make impressive first impressions. For me, one plant that seems to be love at first sight is Sansevieria (snake plant) Cleopatra. Once I saw her, I knew that I needed to get her. And I got her eventually last year.

Sansevieria Cleopatra is a slow-growing snake plant with leaves that grow in a perfect rosette. For me, she looks really like an orchid bloom. I also love her fade green color (the more exposed to the sun, the fader the color). Like other sansevieria, she doesn’t like soggy soil and overwater, but as the sunlight in Thailand is so strong, I water her a bit almost everyday and she has turned out just fine.

I don’t know why they name her Cleopatra. As far as I know this hybrid is native to Indonesia. May be because she is so beautiful and she really is 🙂 She used to be so expensive and rare when I bought her (in such a low price) but she has become more affordable now in Thailand.