On Van Gogh

What are your travel souvenirs? Apart from poscards and postal stamps, I find myself buying a bracelet almost every time I travel. It's my favorite accessory since I was young (always got caught when playing hide and seek because of its jingling sounds) until today, and most of them are keepsakes reminding me of the … Continue reading On Van Gogh

The fantastic world of Arianna Caroli

I cannot remember how exactly I came to know Arianna Caroli. I remember that I went with my boss to interview her 10 years ago and she danced. Arianna's signature style is the floral paintings with gold. Her works are so powerful that you cannot help but falling in love with them all. For two … Continue reading The fantastic world of Arianna Caroli

Par Avion: The Air-Mail art exhibition

I can say that this is one of my most favorite exhibitions of the year, and most long-awaited one. Thanks to my job, I have known some members of this art collective quite some time. Some parts of the works were shown before in Switzerland, but at the end of the day it's good to … Continue reading Par Avion: The Air-Mail art exhibition

You had me at ‘YELO’

Many times, getting sidetracked can be a good thing. Yesterday after an event, we decided to drop by at Yelo House, a new creative space located in Soi Kasemsant 1,one soi before Jim Thompson House, and I'm glad we did. The space is really cool, hidden in a little alley. Founded by a group of … Continue reading You had me at ‘YELO’