Cocoscape at Santiburi Samui

It's amazing how nurture has shaped you. After telling myself that I'm not a jungle type, but day after day it became more evident that I like to be surrounded by trees. The darker the shades, the better. It might be because I grew up like that. My jumanji-like garden home is filled with every … Continue reading Cocoscape at Santiburi Samui

Dine in Bangkok’s midtown forest at Wanghinghoi

Admittedly, I went to Wanghinghoi with doubts in mind. I heard that the concept was to bring the forest into the city with 'real fireflies' in a restaurant, plus an art space! At first it seems to have a little too much of everything in once place, but it turned out just fine. You may … Continue reading Dine in Bangkok’s midtown forest at Wanghinghoi

Colors of Narathiwat

I can claim that this series of photos are the most colorful images of Narathiwat you have ever seen. Try google Narathiwat and you will know. In Thailand, the Deep South has been considered the gloomiest and the most dangerous place because of the ongoing 'insurgencies' for decades. But strangely enough, it was in this … Continue reading Colors of Narathiwat

Let’s escape to Hua Hin

Funny how life treats us. In one month, I have been to Hua Hin for 3 times. All for work, two of which were one day trips. Just for this last time that I had a chance to stay over for, like, one night. Personally, Hua Hin is not always my go-to choice. It is … Continue reading Let’s escape to Hua Hin

Pangha, Chiang Rai off-the-beaten-track

If you are a Thailand aficionado, you might know the province of Chiang Rai, a charming little area located on the Northern edge of the country. But Pangha? Well, that can be unheard-of for most people, even for a local like myself. I just came to know this village recently when I had to write … Continue reading Pangha, Chiang Rai off-the-beaten-track