Dine in Bangkok's midtown forest at Wanghinghoi Restaurant

Wanghinghoi – a temporary restaurant in Bangkok that serves thematic cuisine

Admittedly, I went to Wanghinghoi with doubts in mind. I heard that the concept was to bring the forest into the city with ‘real fireflies’ in a restaurant, plus an art space! At first it seems to have a little too much of everything in once place, but it turned out just fine.
You may know that the closest place to watch fireflies is Amphawa, a river town located around 2 hours from Bangkok. But for one year, you don’t have to go that far anymore. You can come to Wanghinghoi (or ‘the palace of fireflies’) in the RCA area of Bangkok to have some good Thai food and watch fireflies in another seperated room. Fireflies are like hornbills, since they are natural indications of a fertile ecosystem, and that is actually the concept of this restaurant. They want to bring you closer to nature and make you realized how beautiful it is, at least for a short while (this reataurant opens for 18 months, the equal timespan of fireflies’s lifespan). The original concept was to put the fireflies right in the middle space so you can dine and admire the creatures simulteneously, but after some trials it seem that with that plan the dining area would be too dark to see the food. So they went with Plan B instead, which I have to say is the right decision, because the food is beautifully created and it would be a shame not to see it. Here they serve Thai food with a modern twist, and I have to say the food tastes are essentially Thai. They just look cuter.
And, of course, an art galley, to correspond with the food that changes every 4 months under the themes of 4 elements, an exhibition with the same theme is held in another room next door. The first artist who showcases his works here is Somluck Puntiboon, founder of Doi Din Daeng Workshop in Chiang Rai. The next one? Stay tuned!