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Rainy day at White Wood Green Spa Ekamai

Bangkok is not quite compatible with the rainy season, but I enjoy it somehow. The rain always makes things slower, quieter… something really perfect for my introvert self. And when I decided to go to this newly-opened spa so far from home, it rained. What a day.

White Wood Green Spa, which happens to open just months ago, is located in Ekamai 12, another side of the city. When I knew that I needed to go to Ekamai to work, I simply called to book a reflexology for one hour, a gap between my work meetings.

Compared to the price (800 THB per hour), the reflexology massage (or foot massage) was average. But what I love it here was the ambiance that transferred you to elsewhere. Somewhere like Japan, Korea or even Scandinavia. They highlighted minimalistic design, with white and wooden brown colors and the greenery outside (hence the name) and attention to detail (I got a cute little card with my name on it on my massage chair).

Eventually, I’m glad that the spa business in Bangkok is flourishing with all conceptual spas around. Now we got so many kinds of spas to choose and I seem to have a new hobby to do while not being able to travel.