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Into the Blue (Whale)

My first encounter with Blue Whale Cafe in Tha Tien was a mediocre one. We just finished the Thai massage at Wat Pho Massage School nearby and walked past this freshly-opened cafe. Since we already had coffee, we decided to take a raincheck.
But Blue Whale seems to have gained more attention in two months. So yesterday after an errand at Pahurat, we dropped by again. This time for coffee.
Like the name suggests, Blue Whale is famous for its blue butterfly pea latte, but coffees are also not bad at all. Apart from being in my most favorite areas of the city, what I really like is the way-too-cute decorations. They also have some foods available, which I have to try it next time. So if you happen to be in the area and look for some place to chill out, don’t forget to drop by!
For more information visit Blue Whale Maharaj