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Finding Ning Nong

For a few days after coming up with a new English blog, I was thinking hard about what should be in my first post. And among the gloomy news related to animals this week, from a gorilla shot dead to dead baby tigers in the freezer, I came across the story of Ning Nong.
Ning Nong is actually an elephant in Phuket, Thailand, my home country, that saved a girl from the tsunami like a decade ago. When that happened, she carried her little human friend uphill, so she was saved. And now she became a young lady and this story actually inspired a writer to write a novel (which in turns inspired a play and a movie). Now, the story has become viral (at least in Thailand) and many people wished that it would be great for the girl to reunite with her old friend. And guess what! After sometime like a day or so, they found Ning Nong! The elephant was moved from Phuket to Kanchanaburi safe and sound.
Although I don’t know how can they be so sure that that is the same one, and although I’m not sure that at the end of the day, the girl will come back to meet her long lost friend or not, but this story is enough to add some good vibes to this gloomy week.
Sometimes we just deserve to feel good.
Source: Telegraph